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Writing For Digital Media

Writing for digital media is similar to writing for other mediums. Journalists must be objective and accurate in their reporting, fact-check and cite their sources, use proper grammar and spelling, and know their audience; however, when writing for digital media, journalists must also write to suit their audience’s medium.

People now use their smartphones or tablets to do a majority of their reading and tend to skim or scan content. Journalists need to be able to present text differently online than in a hard copy book or magazine to accommodate their readers.

The Writing section of my portfolio contains assignments from my Writing for Digital Media class. These assignments consisted of writing different types of content for a digital media environment using the Associated Press Stylebook as a guide. The types of material written included the following:

– Professional website
– Blog
– Editorial
– Press release
– Feature article

A strong emphasis was placed on the principles of convergent journalism. All of the graphical compositions were created by me.

In addition to the completed assignments, I have included a small section that I called “My Perspective”. This section goes over the assignment scope, what I learned from the assignment, as well as my feelings about the assignment.