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My Perspective

This assignment entailed conducting an interview with someone knowledgeable about our feature article topic. My feature article was about Women-Owned Consultant Businesses and I chose to conduct an interview with Mr. Howard Fitter. He is a volunteer with SCORE. SCORE is a nonprofit association that helps small businesses by educating and mentoring business owners. I went to the local SCORE office and interviewed Mr. Fitter in a small, cramped cubicle. Unfortunately, there were a few distractions during the interview, but we made it through.

I had to step out of my comfort zone for this assignment. I do not have a lot of public speaking experience and this was the first interview I had ever conducted: I was quite nervous. Through this process I learned that you can add value and credibility to an article with a live interview. I also learned that sometimes you only get one shot to do an interview and you have to roll with the punches where external distractions and space limitations are concerned.   I had not taken my video editing class when this interview was done. All video editing was done in Microsoft Movie Maker. You can view the written interview with Mr. Fitter here.

Howard Fitter Interview

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